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intentional design practice

at Varta, we believe in the power of stories that connect you to people, places and things.

behind the name


Meaning: 'story' in Gujarati
Chosen to represent the art of storytelling in the practice of effective brand design, while serving as a tribute to the founder's cultural roots.

the studio

est. in 2020 and led by Founder + Creative Director, Shrutika Shah, Varta Creative Studio was born from a deep-rooted love for brands that create and unite communities.

I always find talking about myself hard. How do you convey who you are in a few choice words? Sounds impossible sometimes, right?

But if I was to try, this would probably be how it would go—

Born and raised in Bombay, moved to England at 17, graduated with a degree in Communication Design at 21, successfully launched my own company at 25—in terms of a summary, this is pretty accurate. 

What this summary doesn't convey is: my ambition to grow and learn; my love for coffee to go with a good book; my paradoxical personality of being little-sized + loud-voiced, messy room + organised desk, soft-rock + cheesy pop, minimal style + collector of everything.

When it comes to accurately defining yourself and what makes you unique, I entirely understand the struggle. Which is why my purpose was fulfilled when I launched my beloved studio, where I try to help people define themselves and their brands effectively; so they never have to struggle again. 

let's work together

quick facts

happy places

our values

a business grounded in creativity, an ethos rooted in community


We love rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty when it comes to crafting visual identities that really pack a punch.


Design is not a 'one size fits all' process; we, therefore, shift and adapt our bespoke storytelling practice based on what your brand needs.


We believe in delivering great design, all the time. We focus keenly on finding the best solutions to every client's own individual needs.

our process

strategy + design =
a holistic brand built on a solid foundation

chapter one

the groundwork

Strong brands need strong foundations in order to survive in the wild. We analyse every single puzzle piece of your business to find that sweet spot of authenticity that will differentiate you from your competitors.

We go deep into understanding your Purpose, your Problems, your Pressures—the 3 P's—in order to build a solution that is unique to you. This solution is the most important P of all—your Positioning

chapter two

the execution

With your brand positioning in place, we set out to build a visual identity that will help you get there and bring your brand to life so you can stand out in what could sometimes be a saturated market. 

Every brick—from a logo to a colour palette and typeface—that will be used to build the walls of your brand will be carefully created, finessed, contoured and laid to ensure the strength, reliability and longevity of your visual brand. 

chapter three

the build

Piece-by-piece, brick-by-brick, we begin to build your brand from the ground up to transform your idea into a tangible story ready for the world to see. 

We help get your brand ready across various customer touch-points; from digital storefronts such as websites to little mementos to immortalise your brand such as business cards

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struggling with where to begin?

We've been there. Which is why we always say; the only way out is do.

Starting a business can feel overwhelming.
Re-launching your business can feel like a huge change when you're too comfortable where you are.

Here are some incredible humans we have helped who chose to take that big leap—if they can do it, why not you? You got this.

kind forewords

"we went from struggling with our messaging to knowing exactly how to connect with our community."

As dentists and owners of a dental practice, the concept of branding was almost alien to us. However, we knew we needed help to understand exactly how we can align ourselves to our patients' needs as soon as they stepped in the door—whether that was physically or online. Working with Shrutika was an eye-opener. We collaborated together to really find our USP and how we wanted to better connect with our community; and Shrutika was extremely patient and transparent throughout the journey, always coming up with ways we can enhance the experience we deliver to our patients. We have not stopped receiving praise about the new website as well as the rebranded practice and our patients are THRILLED!

dr. shivika

chess house dental practice

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we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

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