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brands that always remain 'in-style'

following trends will only get you so far. You know what's here to stay? you.

here's your design 1-o-1

there's a phrase every designer will arrogantly dish out on the daily—form follows function.

And really, that's our three-worded approach to unearth every business's unique solution. We ask that all important question; what problem are you facing with your brand? The answer to that question is what will inform our tailoured solution created just for you.

stop trying to make that shoe fit

saturated markets don't need to diminish your authenticity

Design is not a one-size-fits-all solution to your brand & business problems. Doing what your competitors are doing won't help you sell more or fare better. 

However, you have something your competition doesn't—you! And if used to your unique advantage, design can definitely help you give an edge over your competition. It is this unique advantage that we're most interested in delivering to you.

phase one: timeline - 2-4 weeks

strategic storytelling

Historically, the purpose of stories was to create a sense of community. Crafting your brand's visual identity is no different; it is important for your brand to communicate and connect with your ideal customer and establish a foundation of shared values, mutual trust and loyalty. This is where Strategy comes in—we work with you to find your unique positioning and offering so we can deliver a brand that will give you that *extra* edge over your competition.

phase two: timeline - 6-12 weeks

brand identity design

Following the strategy, we start to map out how we can connect with your customers from that very *first* look. We use a strategic design approach to bring your story to life with elements people see on the surface with a brand—from logos to colour palettes—this is where you'll see all the magic.

phase three: timeline - 4-6 weeks

custom web design

A unique home built for your corner of the Internet, we plan, design, build and develop custom websites for businesses big and small. We focus strongly not just on the beauty and aesthetic of your website, but also on the user-experience and accessibility to make sure your website will actually bring you the returns you want.

brand add-ons: timeline - varies per deliverable

custom brand collateral

Band collateral pieces  are often requested as part of our branding experience, including; packaging, signage, editorial design, brand stationery, and other print or digital deliverables.

bookmark-worthy brands

our signature brand quotesService

The only thing we enjoy more than designing someone's brand, is watching them talk about it. Often times during candid discussions with our clients, we hear them say the kind of words that truly strike a chord and perfectly sum up their unique purpose—and most times they don't even realise they're doing it. 

This is where we step in. As part of our signature Brand Quotes™ service, we record these precious pearls and with a teeny bit of our copywriting magic, create intentional messaging that helps you find your voice and effectively position yourself with your ideal customer.

You'll find a selection of our favourite quotes from studio-told stories below.

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kind forewords

"we went from struggling with our messaging to knowing exactly how to connect with our community."

As dentists and owners of a dental practice, the concept of branding was almost alien to us. However, we knew we needed help to understand exactly how we can align ourselves to our patients' needs as soon as they stepped in the door—whether that was physically or online. Working with Shrutika was an eye-opener. We collaborated together to really find our USP and how we wanted to better connect with our community; and Shrutika was extremely patient and transparent throughout the journey, always coming up with ways we can enhance the experience we deliver to our patients. We have not stopped receiving praise about the new website as well as the rebranded practice and our patients are THRILLED!

dr. shivika

chess house dental practice

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we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

we weave a lot of tales on our 'gram

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