Brand + Web Design

Chess House Dental Practice

Home, Contemporary, Belonging, Legacy, Classic, Accessible

Project Overview

We had worked with and developed Chess House's rebrand all the way back in 2017, when Shivika and Yash first took over the reigns of the practice. So, we were extremely delighted when they approached us again in early 2021 with a clearer vision in mind of where they wanted to lead the practice.

We narrowed down on exactly how they wanted to position themselves in their community. The words 'like home' seemed to really strike the chord and we dove deep into how we can truly represent the sense of belonging they wanted their patients to feel each time they walked in the door of the practice. Their messaging was fine-tuned to establish a strong connection with the staff and patients alike; along with the visual identity which was updated to have a more luxurious and modern appeal.

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