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Four years after taking over the practice, Shivika and Yash were struggling with how they could grow the brand to reflect the growth of the practice. We worked with them to re-establish a brand with a more powerful online presence and to enhance the patient experience within the practice walls so they could consistently show up and communicate with their patients.

We had worked with and developed Chess House's rebrand all the way back in 2017, when Shivika and Yash first took over the reigns of the practice. So, we were extremely delighted when they approached us again in early 2021 with a clearer vision in mind of where they wanted to lead the practice.

We narrowed down on exactly how they wanted to position themselves in their community. The words 'like home' seemed to really strike the chord and we dove deep into how we can truly represent the sense of belonging they wanted their patients to feel each time they walked in the door of the practice. Their messaging was fine-tuned to establish a strong connection with the staff and patients alike; along with the visual identity which was updated to have a more luxurious and modern appeal.

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We went from struggling with our messaging to knowing exactly how to connect with our community.

As dentists and owners of a dental practice, the concept of branding was almost alien to us. However, we knew we needed help to understand exactly how we can align ourselves to our patients' needs as soon as they stepped in the door—whether that was physically or online.

Working with Shrutika was an eye-opener. We collaborated together to really find our USP and how we wanted to better connect with our community; and Shrutika was extremely patient and transparent throughout the journey, always coming up with ways we can enhance the experience we deliver to our patients. We have not stopped receiving praise about the new website as well as the rebranded practice and our patients are THRILLED!

Dr Shivika Ghevaria
Co-Owner, Chess House Dental Practice
Harrow Weald Dental Practice
The Little Imprint Co.
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