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The Little Imprint Co.

Warm, Innocent, Artistic, Vivid, Playful, Feminine
"Everlasting keepsakes to mark life's most momentous occasions."

Bhavika at The Little Imprint Co. (originally PinNPrints) approached us to help her rebrand her Etsy store, a sweet little online shop that sold personalised gifts, keepsakes, and bespoke art. She felt stuck in her online presence and wanted a deeper understanding of her business which could translate into a stronger online presence.

Along with coining a new company name for her business, 'The Little Imprint Co', we worked with Bhavika to establish an emotive core message for the brand that would instantly connect her to her dream clients. In resonance with this messaging, we then established a visual identity that was vibrant, playful and appropriately represented her own art and style.

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Shrutika at Varta Creative Studio has been amazing throughout the whole process of creating my brand. I started out as just an Etsy store with a name which barely meant anything and I now have an amazing brand and a meaningful name. The process has been incredible from start to finish and I have already gotten so much positive feedback which is a great. Shrutika has delivered a much more than what I was expecting and there is nothing better than that. Thank you!!

Founder, The Little Imprint Co
Harrow Weald Dental Practice
The Good Pea Co.
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